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Contaminated Land, industrial compliance and environmental risk management services.


As one of Melbourne's premier environmental consultants, we specialise in offering tailored, affordable automated solutions for regulatory compliance and risk management across Victoria.

Our expertise in handling contaminated land and waste management ensures adherence to environmental protection laws, providing you with assurance and clarity.

Our team, composed of highly skilled consultants, excels in addressing diverse challenges with personalised strategies.

We stand out for our ability to make complex issues accessible and manageable, establishing ourselves as both approachable and trustworthy.

Committed to fostering better outcomes, we collaborate closely with our clients, guiding them through their environmental responsibilities.

Choose us for a partnership that positively impacts your project and the environment, underpinned by our dedication and expertise in environmental consultancy.

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landfill gas risk assessment
  • Assessment of Landfill Gas Risks: Evaluating potential human health risks from landfill gas produced by waste breakdown in landfills.
  • Compliance and Planning: Aligning assessments with local council planning permit conditions and the Environment Protection Act 2017.
  • Efficient and Accurate Approach: Utilising automated workflows for data collection and reporting in LFG RAs.


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environmental management plans
  • Development of Customised EMPs, ensuring compliance with relevant environmental legislation.
  • Integration of Legislative Requirements: incorporating both desktop and site-based reviews, focusing on aligning with the General Environmental Duty as per the Environment Protection Act 2017.
  • Comprehensive Environmental Strategies: environmental policies, risk management measures, monitoring programs, and review processes, utilising automated workflows for efficiency.


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preliminary site investigations
  • Identifying Contaminated Land: Investigating soil or groundwater contamination from past industrial, manufacturing, or agricultural activities.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management: Addressing contamination in line with the Environment Protection Act 2017 and planning legislation.
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective Approach: Utilising automated workflows for on-site data collection and reporting in PSIs.


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Industries We Serve


Property and Construction Industries

  • You'll benefit from our customised environmental solutions that tackle common industry concerns, from site assessment and investigation to environmental management.
  • We develop preliminary site investigations and landfill gas risk assessments specifically to meet victorian council planning permit application conditions. 
  • We prepare robust construction environmental management plans to minimise the environmental impact of construction projects.

Manufacturing Industry

  • Discover our innovative environmental management plans designed to enhance your sustainability profile.
  • We can assist in compliance auditing of operations to improve pollution prevention controls, reduce risk to human health and the environment, and through automation cut operational costs.
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Why Choose Us

Simplifying assessments, streamlining results


We provide an efficient, cost-effective, and accurate assessment of potential risks to human health and the environment from potentially contaminated land. This can help to ensure compliance with duties, including the General Environmental Duty, under the Victorian Environment Protection Act 2017.

Project Objectives

We want to help our clients reach their project objectives. If further investigation is required beyond initial assessments Automated Environmental can assist clients with management of those works.


Putting our clients at the centre of everything we do, our top priority is listening to your concerns, understanding your goals, & designing strategies that align with your vision.

Automated Workflows

We utilise automated workflows from on-site data collection through to reporting in the preparation of assessments. This approach provides a timely, cost-effective initial assessment of sites to better understand potential contamination and any required next steps.


We automate various aspects of environmental monitoring and data analysis by leveraging the latest technologies and innovative practices. Using this approach ensures efficiency and accuracy, saving you time and money.



We utilise DataNest and Artificial Intelligence to ensure workflow optimisation and compliance with the Environment Protection Act 2017.

Our technology includes DataNest's environmental data management and our self-hosted AI functionality to automate for cost-effective, timely environmental management. 

We ensure regulatory compliance with Victoria’s General Environmental Duty, establishing us as an emerging leader in the intersection of business service technology and environmental management.


projects we've completed

Tyre Stewardship Australia Compliance/ Accreditation Inspections by Automated Environmental

Tyre Stewardship Australia Compliance/ Accreditation Inspections

Spirit of Tasmania – Corio Quay Terminal Construction inspection by Austomated Environmental

Spirit of Tasmania – Corio Quay Terminal Construction

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